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Engin keeps on innovating to provide our clients with the best solutions. Our specialisations are machine (re)design and product development. As true engineers we continuously improve the way we work in order to help you in a fast and efficient way.

Machine (re)design

The Engin engineers are specialised in the turn-key development of new machines. Also, we make existing machines and systems smarter and more efficient. The solutions we apply can be used in the next project, due to their practical design. We improve and expand production by simplifying (parts of) production lines.


Product development

Engin likes to work for and with creative entrepreneurs en designers in crafting their vision. Our main focus is crafting ideas and products into a concept that is easily developed. Tell us your product idea and we will make it happen. Our engineers not only use their vast knowledge but also their own creativity, resulting in a product that instills pride in all parties.

Custom project management

Engin ensures a flexible workflow for the total duration of the machine developing and realisation project. Our project managers bring together the wishes and possibilities of the client and the contractor and monitor the progress. As the project develops, we are able to continuously make adjustments at every level, ensuring a successful outcome.

Engin - uitgekiende projectbegeleiding

Automated engineering

Of course our engineers work with 3D. In this way, we can see the (im)possibility of a project early on. When we started Engin, our goal was to automate our engineering (of way of working) from the beginning. We develop our own improvements in order to simplify the drawing of lining and sheet metal, for instance. Generating CAM files is also automated in this way. An automated way of working keeps the work of our engineers interesting and efficient. An additional advantage is the lower price and faster delivery. Everybody is happy in the end!

Machine building

Engin designs and builds machines, exactly like you envision them. Together with the client we compose the starting point, requirements and wishes. Following from this we design a multidisciplinary machine, if desired a modular one, integrating the most optimal choice into the design at all times. This is applied to mechanics, electrical engineering and software. With our knowledge of various industries and applications, we often offer surprising results.


Project management

Engin has a broad network of expertise which can completely unburden the client; not only intern, but also within the Barth Group. Engin acts as a pivotal organisation in this. Together with the client we coordinate the right specifications, budget and planning. By doing so, all disciplines, suppliers and clients know exactly where they stand. We monitor, correct and report the progress as well as the plans and budgets. This way, we ensure that everything is complete from request to delivery.

“Our innovations enables your process.”

Geert van der Cammen