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Our engineers have extensive experience in development for machine builders, the food industry, logistics and the maritime industry. Often we are part of the team of our clients and we deliver part of their solution. That is why, however valuable this part is, we can’t name all our clients as references. Do you want to know more about our knowledge and experience in you specific branch? Feel free to contact us.

Machine construction

We support a wide range of national and international machine builders with unique engineering that goes beyond the usual solutions. Complexe problems urge our engineers to show the best of themselves in delivering practical solutions within the preset boundaries.




Food industry

The food industry wants to deploy production lines that make their processes faster and more efficient. The engineers of Engin all have years of experience in the food industry and know the rules and regulations of the branch. Proper hygiene is a prerequisite and therefore machines should be easy to clean. Our national and international clients value our inventive way of working and laud the way in which we go beyond their expectations.


“Engineering in its most practical form.”

Geert van der Cammen