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Engin wants to revolutionise company processes. Our expertise is the development and improvement of machines that have no place within the normal portfolio of machine builders. The strength of our engineering lies in simplicity. We do work with innovations that cross technical boundaries, but we will always choose for efficiency. In this way, we do not only surprise out clients, but frequently ourselves with creative solutions.


Our branches

Profit is to be gained everywhere with process optimisation.

“Challenge us with a design that is different.”

Geert van der Cammen


The Barth Groep helps companies to better achieve their goals by creating sustainable technological solutions. We realise and maintain your installations, develop and automise machines, provide sheet metal solutions for a wide variety of industries en conduct tests. Our goal is to both keep our customers and our teams satisfied. What is more, we want them to be happy. Through extended service we build a strong bond with our clients and our employees are happy with the friendly atmosphere in the workplace. In this way, they can display their passion for technology even better.


Because it pays off to work together, five companies decided te join forces in the Barth Groep. Our clients now profit from the combined knowledge and craftsmanship while the each unique company keeps its independence and culture. Meet the companies of the Barth Groep and discover how they can help you.  To the Barth Groep